Connect project update. Part 1/5

Dear community, we are happy to release our development update. In this article, we want to cover the basics of Connect project, fund allocation and introduce you to our new ecosystem of 3 tokens.


As you might have already heard, PIXBY is shutting down, and PIXBY tokens will be swapped to Rubix (RBX). Why not Connect? Recently we have decided to rename PIXBY to Rubix (RBX) instead and keep Connect (CT) name for a new token to make more sense for the potential investors. If you’ve lost the clue, don’t worry, because we will get there.

What will happen to PIXBY?

Introduction to the ecosystem of 3 tokens, and why three tokens?

Rubix (RBX)

Total supply: 10,000,000 RBX

Swap ratio: 35:1 (35 PIXBY = 1 RBX)

Starting price: Before the launch, we will take a snapshot of the PIXBY price and multiply it by 35 — we will use that as a starting price.

Approximate circulation supply: ~714,000 RBX (Based on PIXBY circ. Supply)

Presale period: 7 days

Connect (CT)

Total supply: 100,000 CT

Tokens allocated for presale: 40,000 CT

Tokens allocated for automated liquidity provision (UniSwap, Bal): 20,000 CT

Team allocation: 1,000 CT

Longterm Influencers allocation: 9,000 CT

Project development: 30,000 CT (Tokens can be released after community voting)

Presale discount: 20%, 15%, 5%.

Presale period: 2.5 Weeks

Presale price: 110$

Connect Presale funds allocation

40% — Decentralized liquidity protocols (UniSwap, Balancer)

20% — Will be added into CONNECTx (CTx) token liquidity

5% — Influencers treasury

35% — Project Development


Max supply: 1,000,000,000 CTx

Tokens allocation: 100% Community (Liquidity Mining)

Presale: None*

Let’s stop here for now because there’s a lot more to talk about, but unfortunately, it won’t fit in one article. We will split these updates into five pieces to introduce each token individually, talk about use cases and solutions, introduce our team, and a lot more. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Medium to always stay up to date. There’s a fantastic journey ahead of us, and I thank everyone who supports us!

Written by: Shadiyar Kempirbay

This blog was created to report news and updates of Connect Project.