We hope that you all are doing great and enjoying the crypto bull run! This is part four of the 5 update series we have been releasing recently. Check out the previous posts on this Medium profile if you are new here ;). These updates are covering the project introduction and what we are up to at the moment. Today, in this article, we want you to meet with Connect (CT) token.

If you have any questions or comments about the project feel free to join our new Telegram group for the most recent updates and discussions with the community.

Connect (CT) Logo

Allocation and distribution

First, we want to thank each member of the Connect and PIXBY community for staying with us. Your support allows us to continue building great things for a better future. We are here for the long term, and everything is lining up perfectly for us to continue to grow into an autonomous community-governance project.

Connect Community treasury

As a gesture of appreciation to our community, anyone holding Rubix with a value of more than 0.5 ETH will be able to claim 0.5 CT (~55$) as a bonus for being with us. Users will claim CT after the swap from PIXBY…

Dear all, in this article, we want to introduce you to our new token — Rubix (RBX)!

I would like to note, that we have done a lot of work on the mistakes that we had in PIXBY, and we are ready for a fresh new start to a better future. Mistakes made. Lessons learned!

PIXBY to RBX Token Swap

Every PIXBY token holder will get a chance to swap PIXBY to Rubix tokens anytime after the swap announcement. We will provide plenty of time for all having their PIXBY staked on the smart-contract. …

Dear community, we are happy to release our development update. In this article, we want to cover the basics of Connect project, fund allocation and introduce you to our new ecosystem of 3 tokens.


As you might have already heard, PIXBY is shutting down, and PIXBY tokens will be swapped to Rubix (RBX). Why not Connect? Recently we have decided to rename PIXBY to Rubix (RBX) instead and keep Connect (CT) name for a new token to make more sense for the potential investors. If you’ve lost the clue, don’t worry, because we will get there.

What will happen to PIXBY?

Unfortunately, PIXBY is…

Connect Project

This blog was created to report news and updates of Connect Project.

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